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Die Elemente von M.

Kavi Gupta
Berlin Germany

7.9. - 27.10.2012




Kavi Gupta Gallery Berlin is proud to present ‘’Elemente von M.’’, a solo exhibition of new painting, collage and sculpture by the artist Katrin Plavcak. ‘’Elemente von M.’’ reformulates many of Plavcak's political and social positions that have been at stake in her work over the past decade. Questioning the creation and negation of a distinction, or division, is the fulcrum of Elemente von M. While, the title’s enigmatic M. could easily be a sign for a number of words. However, one could suggest a word that represents them all, the german word for quantity - Menge - the self-contradicting singular word that represents itself and a multitude.

Central to "Elemente von M." are a selection of Plavcak’s collages of beasts of inter-species pollination, such as a bird-dog hybrid, an orchid with human eyes, or a woman with an owl’s face. As is recurring in Plavcak’s work, the subjects are often cast onto a stellar, interplanetary background. Also included are three new assemblage sculptures - an amphibious vehicle, a lizard, and a Chinese action-figure cyborg - as well as small musical table sculpture playing the Disney classic, ‘’It’s a small world’’. Throughout the exhibition Plavcak introduces elements of childish whimsy into concrete scenarios. Whether approached through the formalism of cutting and reassembling collages or Plavcak’s surreal subjects, who disregard the classical categories of subject and object, one is lead to a post-human position, where distinction, or difference is proffered as being outmoded and all matter is considered conscious and significant.





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