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No Man´s Land

Ex-Brun Farnespazio
Bologna, Italy

30. 5. 2012



Katrin Plavcak’s flags are no political attributes of a country or an insignia of a club or an religious association, but want to describe areas, a woman or man trespasses in his live.
These images can be used to navigate to certain islands which stand for the nature of our beeing.
The pattern or the colour becomes the content and represents for example the animal, birth and death, the ocean or the night. the garden or the game.
The flag as a carrier of an image is an object of utility, which can be touched and deliver an haptic experience.
The distance to the viewer gets minimized and the images wait for being used in the future.
Both sides of a flag compose a pair, which tries to describe a phemomena.
For instance the flag of distance talks about the earth and the moon, about gravity and where we are positioned in the universe.
The flag of sleep is the night and the realm of the dreams, the partial memory we have of what we did when we were sleeping.
In a time where we have to question state borders and how the worlds country's frontiers are opened or closed for the rich and the poor, these flags speak about the borders of night and day, sleep and beeing awake, the bordes of our existance and where we are able to breath.




Katrin Plavcak in
conversation with
curator Antonio Grulli

Music Performances
with Katrin Plavcak,
Edoardo Marraffa and
Rudi Fischerlehner


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Rudi Fischerlehner and Edoardo Marraffa playing in the exhibition


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