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Take me to your leader!
The Great Escape Into Space

The National Museum
of Art, Architecture
and Design
Oslo, Norway



Mirroring Society

When the science fiction genre is describing imagined futures, the discovery of new worlds, amazing techniques and exciting scientific progress, it speaks as much about our own time as it does about the future it’s illustrating. Science fiction is therefore not a guide to the future, but critisism of contemporary society. This is clear in the works of Austrian artist Katrin Plavcak. The artist poses the question as to why we think we are worth more than others, and why we continue to colonise new territory. Traditionally, the human species is seen as the centre of our universe, but out there, in space, lays the possibility of something alien – an opponent? In the installation Family Temple 1 (2010), Plavcak combines a series of political allusions with metaphors of utopian ideas and technological hybrids. The piece consists of a large painting, a monitor and asteroids. In astronomy, groups of asteroids that orbit between Mars and Jupiter are referred to as „families“. (Excerpt of the exhibition text)



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