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To find a Place
Text: Katrin Plavcakw

Galerie Mezzanin
Arco Madrid




Crucial in the establishment of a territory is the autonomy of qualities and rhythms.
A certain level of decoding or deterritorialization must take place, if a territory is to be formed. To create a territory „is in fact an act“ – an act which is not necessarily intentioned or concious. (Deleuze / Guattari)

The Sub on mars is the explorer in this new land – his sight is not clear. He probably missed the times on the planet with more human and humid conditions. He travels in a small selfcontaining unit. He brings his plants. He brings his pipe and revolutionary ideas about how to deal with the agressive pre-emption of space.
He brings his milieu components and they become a new quality.

Some of this fictional places emerge through transplantation and the addition of tiny integer hideouts. Some collapse through a simultaneity of image information and abstract form. Our traveller finds himself in these abandoned spaces and likes their latent ambiguity.

Bringing a representative image to it’s borders by duplicating it: a mirror image - slicing up the picture and introducing layers to deal with time.
The Sub is moving in a temporal dimension, by ignoring the fact that a painting is always a motionless spectacle, a site frozen into eternity.



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